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Friday, November 12, 2010

Ice Queen Dress Comp

Christmas is soon here so i decided to do a Ice / Snow Queen Comp. I saw amazing dresses with beautiful accessories  ! In stardoll we have a lot of pieces that can create amazing dresses. Below you can see some pics just to have an idea.

You have to create a Ice Queen Dress, use what you want, stickers, Suite shop pieces or clothes. Your look must be exactly as a real ice queen.

Don't forget about the make-up, Non-superstars must do the make-up on Starplaza because they can use the make-up there.
Use acessories like earings, necklaces, bracelets etc.
Don't forget the background
I need a printscreen of the face and the outfit
You must do it in your dressing room and send me by a link of tinypic
I want a printscreen of the real version that you choose so i compare with what you create
I need a printscreen with big pictures so i can see the details of the dress etc.
Write here when you ready on my blog comments.


1st : 100 Stardollars
2nd : 50 Stardollars
3rd : 25 Stardollars

Who can enter ?

- Non-superstars
- Superstars
- Newbies

There must be :

- 15 persons who participate it
- you must be a follower of this blog

The dealine date ?

- 20 of December

How do I send you the link of my Ice Quuen Dress ?

1) you do a "Capture Tool" of your dress
2) you go on and you put the capture tool in the first box
3) tinypic will give you 4 links of your capture tool
4) you take the fourth one and you copy it
5) you stick it by writing a comment in the blog

An example that you must to do with your dress :

GOOD LUCK to everyone !

Xoxo....JLS (an idea from Faure)


  1. Yeaah Im in Ill try but...
    How can I take a picture on stardoll ??? D:

  2. je m'inscrit :)
    je suis lalafillestrop2

    voici mes liens :

    pour la tenue

    et pour le maquillage

    dsl mais je n'ai pas su mettre les autres lien --' ca bloquait

  3. Here is my outfit for the contest:

  4. pour la tenue:
    pour le maquillage:


  5. Hmm does it must be tinypic? Do u have e-mail?

  6. Here it is :)

    XoXo Tad

  7. Here it is:

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. This is the link.. :

    Hope your enjoy :P kisses. Meyla