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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to follow a blog ?

 This last 2 days I was being asked by different people how to follow a blog, but many people don't know how to follow so I decided to do a post to help people learn more about it.
Step 1: You SHOULD have a gmail account to be a follower, if not make 1, it is very easy, just go to
Step 2: After you create the account come back to the The Stardoll Shiner blog and at the Follow tab, click on it:
Step 3: When you click on follow this tab will come out, after u see u can select the possible way and also the easier for you to follow. The Google (Gmail) one is the easiest:
I really hope It helps all the ones who were in need of this information.


  1. Thankz ! Now I can follow thiss
    super speciaal BLOG !! xoxo
    Im not SS anymore !! D: sad sad
    But I will...

  2. My name in Stardoll is ALESITAPOLAR visit me girls !