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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mcqueen Alexander

Hello Readers =)
i'm back , and this time with MCQUEEN ALEXANDER outfit ;) h.
i hope you liked the CHANEL posts

Today , i will show you MCQUEEN ALEXANDER OUTFIT h.
First go to Fallen Angel shop :

Put this clothes on you like here on the picture :

and For looking like the Model , You have to put this make up and it very easy just put Red Lipstick and black kohl

Well ! i think now it perfect looking ^-^ Here is the real picture :

Thankies to

Well do you like it ? Will you wearing it ?

xx selena.g.65

Friday, February 25, 2011

March HB's

Hello !
Here is the new HOT BUYS of march :

PS : please!i'll write about the real versions when they going out ( like always) ... so please don't write about it ;)

Do you like them ? i just like the Black dress ...

xx selena.g.65

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New !

Hello !
That why Stardoll was closing Read That :

We’ve now made it easier to store and access your items by fully integrating the storage function into your Suite.
Fliptastic! Effortlessly flip through easy-to-view sections. Interior items, furniture, clothing and accessories.
No clutter. No limits. No waiting! (now loads faster if you have lots of items in your storage).
Snap! Drag fashion directly onto your MeDoll with the correct scale.
Easier being green! Drag items directly from storage to recycle.
Sweeter Suite experience! We won’t bore you with the nerdy details, but we’ve made a ton of technical improvements to make your gameplay easier and smoother.
Just remember to hit the SAVE button anytime you make changes to your storage. Enjoy, and let us know what you think by making a comment below

I don't Really understand what they want to do ! :/
and about board ... Some people feel it

xx selena.g.65

Monday, February 14, 2011

Free Beastly Red Rose

If you want get the “Beastly Red Rose

Go to

and copy this into the Blank Box on the Proxy’s

And Login to your Account,and close the Proxy

XoXo Misskumis 

Free Valentine Heart

Sorry for not Posting here ..
I’m  little busy with my school ..

So , if you want get the “Valentine Heart
Go to

and copy this into the Blank Box on the Proxy’s 
And Login to your Account,then Paste this on the Proxy box 

XoXo Misskumis 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Taking a break

Sorry everyone i didn't post anything for a while because i was very busy at school. I had so many tests and homeworks... And i tell you that i'm taking a small break to rest a little bit. I'm so tired. But i promise you that i'll do my best to post as much posts as possible. So I wish you to have a great week-end and i say bye bye for a while ;)  xx...AlphaRhea

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hot Buy

Hello everyOne the new HOT BUY is out

The Stardoll version :

and Real Version :

Infos :
>>-stardol Shop : Splendid shop
-Real Shop : House Of Holland
-Price : 14 Stardollars

Do you Like It ? will you buy it ?

xx selena.g.65

L.E. ! comming Soon ?

Hello Readers !
I think That everybody Thinking About The New collection of LIMITED EDITION cuz' It's Time For it ...!

The Limited Edition Shop is close ( For me ) , No one can enter Visit it now ...!

So L.E. Will Out soon !But Is it on February or March ...?

I think : Until March Like the last Year !
I think : In February cuz' all Magazins are talking about The Spring clothes
I Think : Until March Cuz' it's spring Month

So what do You Think ?
Do you Have any other idea ?

xx selena.g.65

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lady GaGa , Born This Way

Hello Readers :)
I'm sorry cuz' i didn't write for a long time ago
and i'm so happy cuz' i have time now

anyway , LADY GAGA have a new Single BORN THIS WAY , going out , 13-2-2011
That Mean it's Very Soon , This is a MAKE UP for every LITTLE MONSTER and fans :)

Well Don't have to explan cuz' is very clear :

And Then You Get a LADY GAGA look :

Well ...! Hope you like :)

xx selena.g.65