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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free Black And Gold Simple Dress

To have this free black and gold dress you must :

1. Go to:       or
2. Paste                       in the proxy server's blank URL box.
3. Click OK
4. Log into Stardoll.
5. Leave the proxy server.
(You will find it in your suite)


voile free jacket

To have the free voile jacket you must : 

2. Enter in the adres URL bar and press 'OK'.
3. Log into Stardoll.
4. Now enter in the url bar on top and press 'Go'.


New Spoilers

Today there was a big fall of beautiful spoilers !! And this is at "Tingeling" !! What do you think of these new clothes at "Tingeling" ??


FREE leaf top (Only for SS)

1) If you are not from Russia try this web proxy: or Paste this link into the URL box:

2) Log in and then paste this link into the box:

3) It will appear in a box in your suite.


FREE Dove Go Fresh items

If you are from the US go HERE then click on the backpack that will appear next to your closet.

1) If you are not from the US you will need a web proxy. Try boratproxy or
2) Then go to this page:
3) Log out and it will appear in your suite.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween Dress Up Comp

Well ! As you know ! Halloween is fast approaching. So I decided to do a big comp. This idea by Faure. On this comp there will be several prizes. I want to see amazing and wonderful looks !!

Rules :
You have to have a scary and creavity costume.
You have to look amazing.
You must be unique and not copied on the other costumes.
You have to pretend it's a international comp and that you should be dressed as pretty as possible to earn Stardollars.

You can do your look on a scenery, on your album or on your suite. Use your imagination, you can use not only clothes but on scenerys and album you have pieces of Suite Shop, Stickers, Flowers for example etc.
Don't forget to create on your doll a hair style and the make up look that we see on the models that are when we are dressed for the Halloween Party ! 
The acessories are a detail to remind too, im speak about earings, bracelets, necklaces etc. I want a big picture of your doll and 1 of your doll face. You must do a printscreen and write here the link with your name on Stardoll.

Prizes : 

1st : 100 stardollars
2nd : 50 stardollars
3rd : 25 stardollars

Must be on this comp 20 persons or i cancel  the comp !! The dealine date is 20 of October. To enter this comp you must be a follower of the blog !! 



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free camp rock drums

To have the free camp rock drumz you must : 

1. Go to a Dutch proxy server like:
2. write in the white rectangle :
3. Press ''surf''
4. Enter in the 'Web adres(up of the page):' bar and press 'Surf!'



Stardoll has released some spoilers for a new shop which will be called GameZone either for the starplaza or suiteshop. I like a few of the items such as the pacman chairs.. how about you?


Third floor for Front Row (Milan)

Today at the store "Front Row) there is one more floor. This is Milan !! I very love these clothes. To find these clothes go to starplaza and on search choose Fashion Week Front Row you can see these clothes and then buy them !! Or if you want to get them right now in your dressing room click HERE


Free Audrey Skirt

1) If you are not from Poland you'll need a web proxy...go to or 
2) Paste this link into the box:

3) Log in, then paste this link into the box

4) It will appear in a box your suite .


Sandro Friends

Heyy do you know that ?? A new store is out and it's called "Sandro Friends" ! It's all about the pretty Hello Kitty :D  This whole batch will cost you 104 SD.Only two items are for SS. The prices are enough reasonable.
To get them all in your dressing room click HERE


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free Pretzel

to have a free pretzel you must:

1. Go to one of these proxy servers:

2. Enter in the URL bar and press 'Go' or 'Browse' or 'Visit'.
3. Log into Stardoll.
4. Now enter                                in the url bar at the top and press 'Browse' or 'Go'.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Every week a new make-up tutorial

Hi everyone, from today for each week there will be new kind of make-up tutorial , and now i'm goint to give you a demonstration . So, getting started:

1. Apply volumizing and lengthening mascara.

2. Line the edges of your eyes only with black eye kohl.

3. Apply 3-4 coats of a medium-shade eyeshadow.

4. Apply 3-4 coats of a darker-shade eyeshadow.

5. Add one small dab of LUXE eyeshadow (any color) in the middle of each eye- to give more color and to add glitter.

6. Add black eyeliner underneath each eye- do NOT put it in the left eye right corner or right eye left corner.

7. Apply nude-shaded lipstick to your doll.

8. Use a colored shade of lipstick (preferably red or pink) and apply it to your doll's lips in a heart-like shape.

9. Use 1-2 colors of blush on your doll's cheeks- only the sides.

10. Add a finishing touch of lipgloss, and you're done!

Have fun with your new look!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Hot Follower of the day !! Contest !!

The Hot Follower of the day ! Each day a winner !

How to become the girl most active of the day ? 

Must be a follower of this blog ^ _ ^ Just be active and visible on the blog. Most viewed on the comments is that which has the best chance of winning. Do not forget to include your username so we can easily find yourself in Stardoll ^ _ ^ You can win more than once, so be ACTIVE ^ _ ^
For Gifts :To ask your gift to me / to Demoltonne / For Admins in message on stardoll! (For the SS, $10 bazaar - For non-SS, $10 gift at the suite shop)

Those who give gifts: see below :

Monday : Sali46

Tuesday : Faure

Wednesday : AlphaRhea

Thursday : Sali46

Friday : Celthan
Saturday : AlphaRhea
Sunday : Faure

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Earn $$$

The contest ended when we have announced the names of the winners!

Price : (We'll do the higher price if we see more people joining our blog)* For the person who send the most famous gift = 30 SD* For a lucky person, she / he refer to 15 SD = gift

* How to Join : Invite your friends to respect the BLOG AND Tell them to put on this article's com WITH THEIR NAME ON USER STARDOLL and the person who invited

Example : "AlphaRhea, I am invited by Mimi16"

Rule No. 1 : You musn't create new accounts or accounts STARDOLL Google for more references to your name, we'll check!EVERY person is invited if he / she is valid:)


How to follow a blog ?

 This last 2 days I was being asked by different people how to follow a blog, but many people don't know how to follow so I decided to do a post to help people learn more about it.
Step 1: You SHOULD have a gmail account to be a follower, if not make 1, it is very easy, just go to
Step 2: After you create the account come back to the The Stardoll Shiner blog and at the Follow tab, click on it:
Step 3: When you click on follow this tab will come out, after u see u can select the possible way and also the easier for you to follow. The Google (Gmail) one is the easiest:
I really hope It helps all the ones who were in need of this information.