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Monday, May 23, 2011

Born This Way

Hello everyone =D
The new Gaga's album is just out x)
it's called Born This Way

click in the song that you want and you'll listen to it ;)
1 Marry the Night
2 Born This Way
3 Government H**ker
4 Judas
5 Americano
6 Hair
7 Scheibe
8 Bloody Mary
9 Black Jesus + Amen Fashion
10 Bad Kids
11 Fashion of His Love
12 Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
13 Heavy Metal Lover
14 Electric Chapel
15 The Queen
16 You and I ( i can't find it sorry )
17 The Edge of Glory
That it's the album ! it's N.1 in all countries now check out in iTunes
My favourite song is Government Hooker and Americano , and you .?

you can buy the Album for 0.99 Here in Amazon and in iTunes

i promise that i'm going make an gaga outfit every Saturday ;)

xx selena.g.65

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hello =DD
Today is my Day =D
i could to create a lady gaga Judas look =D
and i'll post it now like i promised =)
this is the real outfit

First you should make this hair and put this black sunny bunny crow , then do the kohl up

After that do the kohl down of the eyes and lipstick on this color like on the picture

add some stuffs ( you can find them in Sunny Bunny shop )

Here you got the Gaga judas Make up =D

for outfit you just have to create it but you should buy the Ruffle Embroidered Gown By Voile to look just like her =D

that all =D do you like it ? will you do it ?

You can also buy the Top-design in my starbazaar ;)

Maybe you didn't watch Judas Yet :o Watch it here

xx selena.g.65

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hello Readers =D
I'm Just Back , It've been Two months :P
I'm so sorry , i'm Going Try to post much ;)

witch mean i'm going make a new Lady GaGa Look

so get ready tomorrow ;)

xx selena.g.65