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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The halloween comp is deleted !!

Well, you decided not to participate to the comp !! There are only 1 or 2 i can't remember who have participated to the comp. I'm very sad , there are over 20 members in the blog and only 2 people who joined !! So i'll do a other comp later and this is your last chance to win 100 SD !! Hope there will be many people who participate !!  I don't know yet the theme of this comp , you will know it later !


New Designs !!

Heyy have you already noticed that ?? There are new clothes that you can create !!  And they are from the game "Cooking Mama" !! Do you like them ??

(PS : sorry for posting anything these days , i was very busy !!)

Saturday, October 30, 2010


hello :3 " sorry for not posting much these days i'm always offline "
look , do you remember the hot buy when it was 1 stardollars ?
now it's 15 stardollars
but i want to say , it's to late all super stars bought it :D

so please if you like voting vote HERE of my competition
xoxo slena.g.65

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot buys november

the hotbuys of november :

they are pretty cool?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


hello :)
sorry for not posting much this day anyway here is a FREE FALLEN ANGEL hat

-Go to proxy OR

-In the blank Paste stardoll link:

-Click OK

-Log in stardoll

-Now on the proxies link :

-Click Go, Wait few minutes

-Leave the proxy,

it's all
xx selena.g.65

Saturday, October 23, 2010

hannah montana YAY

hello :)

did you watch the last season of HANNAH MONTANA forever on Disney channel ?
i did :D it's amazing ... we gonna miss you miley :'(
who watch it and who love it ?
it's really cool ,
i asked stardoll to make clothes of this season and i wait the answer
wish they allow :)
and you do you want them ?

sorry for not posting much i'm offline for 4 days
xx selena.g.65

Thursday, October 21, 2010

new hot buy

It sames like something from limited edition 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Designs!

Will you go to Create your design? Tell us now!
Avaliable for non-superstar too! yay!!

|Xoxo Misskumis|

Free Crafting Mama!

Go to 


Login , close it . and go to your suite..

|Xoxo Misskumis|

Louise Bourgeois Tribute!

Here is some Picture for "Louise Bourgeois Tribute"

(Picture from Message)

How do you think? Will you buy now ?
tell us below ;)

|Xoxo Misskumis|

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FREE pony

If you are not from Sweden:
1) Use a Swedish proxy server such as:,,

2) Copy and paste this link into the blank URL box:
3) Click 'browse'
4) Log into Stardoll
5) Wait a few seconds for the page to load, then close the proxy and go back to Stardoll as usual.
It will be in a box in your suite.


Can't Believe it !! A "Hot Buys" for 1 SD !!

Wouaaaw I can't believe it ! The new Hot Buys is out and it's only for 1 SD !! Hurry Buy it before Stardoll change the prize !!


Monday, October 18, 2010


hello :)
sorry for not posting much because my uncle in hospital
anyway , there is the real vision for too new hot buys
i worked hard to find them , here is some info :
1. shoes HB Wooden Heels
real shop VALENTINO
stardoll shop RIO

2. HB wool sweater
real shop D&G " WOW "
stardoll shop BISOU


PS : do you like my new banner ^^

xx selena.g.65

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Mortal Kiss Dolls!

Stardoll has released New Dolls, especially Mortal Kiss dolls
Here some Picture :

Mortal Kiss > Candi Matheson
Click Here To Dress Up Her.

Mortal Kiss > Poppy Wilson
Click Here To Dress Up her.

|Xoxo Misskumis|

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Banners Coming Soon ! (under construction)

From now until 10th of November the blog will be under construction and so there will be new banners ! But there are still posts ! (PS : I will also not there because i have so many works to do first and I hope that there are more people who will comment in the blog during the blog is under construction !! )


Friday, October 15, 2010

new game :)

hello :)
stardoll sent me this message and i check out it
they did a new game on stardoll but really i already played this game in a frensh web HERE last year


next week we gonna make a new GAMES
and we start with this game



tell us bellow ;)

xx selena.g.65
PS : this blog horrible no comment in all post what is this ??


hello :)
today i was checking mortale kiss and i found alots of news
1 . matison cabin
when i was checking album of picture look what i found :O

look what i saw in the picture it the same wolf in the high school :O

2.the morrow mansion
it's a simple mirror but really it isn't look at the next picture :O ...

:O what is this IS SOMEBODY HERE ???

3.the mill
ooh no what is this ?
is it lucas ?

this is the stores we visited

i find some writhing with blood 0.o say :
1. strange even are near when the paw print appear !
2. wilson stares into the mirror , wolves seem to be getting nearer-
( so that why the guy is into the mirror :O )
3. lone wanderer fell victim , while wandering the wolf kingdom-
4. jimmy has gone astray trying to keep wolves at bay!

that all until now , i begging like the story check out HERE

100% writing and pictures by me
xx selena.g.65

Thursday, October 14, 2010

HOT BUYS but i'm too late :-(

hello :D
sorry i'm late because i have school and i forget stardoll ...
the NEW HOT BUY is out
some info :

real shop : VALENTINO

price : 15 stardollars

stardoll shop : pretty in pink

wow it's so hard to find it this days because some collection on winter and some on winter

100% by selena.g.65

FREE Ramona And Beezus T-shirt and travel bag

If you are not from the UK you'll need a web proxy...
2) Go here :
3) click on the 'official site' link in the lower right corner of the page
You get the bag simply for logging in. Both will be in blue bags to the right of your closet.


FREE Taylor Swift Dress

If you are not from the UK you'll need a web proxy...
2) Paste this link into the box:
3) Log in, then paste this link into the box
Be sure to click the 'enter competition' button
4) It will be in a box in your suite.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FREE Handbag

If you are not from Poland you'll need a web proxy... :
1) go to or or
2) Paste this link into the box:
3) Log in, then paste this link into the box
4) It will be in a box in your suite.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

L.E. bag

hello :)
like i promise i'm gonna write about first colection of L.E.
here is a hurt purse bag
limited 200 :O
-price 175 stardollars 0.o
-real shop louis vitton :D
-edition : the first
-year : 2007

do you like the real version or the stardoll version ?
i like the real and you ?

tell us bellow ;)

100% by me
xx selena.g.65


all web ready for HALLOWEEN , stardoll too
the clothes of HALLOWEEN come back again
i'm gonna buy the cat one :D
PS ; just for super star :D

and you do you like tHEM ?
what you gonna buy ?

Which dress would you wear ??

Which dress would you wear to dance , to drink tea , to walk in the streets, to go to a wedding, ...etc.
Choose one !

Dress Option #1

Dress Option #2

Dress Option #3

Dress Option #4

Dress Option #5

Dress Option #6

Dress Option #7

Dress Option #8

Dress Option #9

Dress Option #10


Eccentric Magazine


Heyy what do you think of this cover from a amazing magazine ?? This magazine is very fantastic and very wonderful !! The girl who created this magazine promised us a new issue Eccentric , and it was worth the wait ! Eccentric is back and better, with a fairytale theme, it rocked Stardoll Fashion Week. Once again ,another magazine proves that it stepped up and is ready to climb up that social ladder! Can't wait till the next issue!

To pass to this magazine, just click HERE