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Thursday, December 30, 2010

OTTO for soon...

A new OTTO is coming at the starplaza ! Remember , this store can only be seen in Germany and Austria. This store is not yet here but you can click HERE to get the clothes in your dressing room. Which one do you like the most ??

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Floor PPQ Of Mayfair

A new floor of PPQ Of Mayfair arrived ! Some of them are really nice. They are a little bit expansive but they are beautiful ! What do you think ?? Will you buy something ??

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hot Buy

Hello ^^
the New Hot Buy is out
this Gold one is the Stardoll version :

well here is the real version :

Info :

- Real Shop : TopShop

- Stardoll Shop : RIO

- Price : 17 stardollars ( expensive again :s )

- In shop : 25 December

So Witch version do you like ? and did u like it ?

xx selena.g.65

Christmas Room

hello everyone
Merry Christmas,
Of course you want a lovely CHRISTMAS room , so do what i'll say :

1. Make your room Glamor
2. Pint it with a Gold color
3. Make every thing Goldy
4. Buy a heavy snowfall
5. Buy a piano to make the room more Glamor
6. Don't forget a Goldy TREE
7. And finally wearing something GOLD to make you more original

100% by me
xx selena.g.65

Merry Christmas everyone !! :D

Merry Christmas !! I hope you ate well yesterday and you got your presents during the Christmas Eve ! So today this is Christmas ' Day , i wish you a happy Merry Christmas and have a great time with your family :D  With all my love ! xoxo...AlphaRhea

Friday, December 24, 2010


hello readers :]
well finally the Christmas Sale is begging
in this all SHOPS : Fudge , Tingeling , Evil Panda , Bisou ^^ , Spectacular , Glam'rus ...
don't forget to visit them because it SUPER STAR SALE ! 1 to 7 stardollars ^^ not more
and More for Christmas , Some cheap clothes Specially For Christmas :


xx selena.g.65 don't forget to tell me if you liked THE CHRISTMAS SALE ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hello readers !
i wanna tell u that the new Hot Buy is out
look at the december's HB's :

the PURSE is the HB what i'm gonna talking about
here is the real Version :
DOWN for more info

-PRICE : 9 stardollars

-Stardoll Shop : RIO

-Real Shop : Gionna Cabrera

-In Shop : 22 December

witch VERSION did you like ? THE REAL one, OR ON STARDOLL one ?

xx selena.g.65

Picture Me

hello :)
Now you can take a picture in your suit ^^
like :

See ^^, i'm so happy for it , cuz' i can be more creative than on party

so are you ready to tak pictures in your suit ?
and did you like it ?
so picture me :P

xx selena.g.65

Whip My Hair store

A new store at the beauty section of starplaza arrived today called Whip My Hair. It's inspired by the amazing Willow Smith' s clip. She is only 10 and she is already very talented ! She is Jaden' s sister and Will Smith' s daughter. As you can see , you can watch her clip in the store. Some persons can see the store but it's also possible that some persons can't see it !

Click HERE to get all the accessories in your dressing-room.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New : Party Planer

Hey Dear Readers, Stardoll created a new system of Trophy about the Parties! How it work ? It's really simple , all you have to do is to create a party and invite a lot of people , the people have to vote for your party and then the person who will have the most votes will be the winner of "Party Planer" ! Just like the Contest Covergirl ...

I found the system really great but the inconvenient is that now people will ask to vote for their party and else ... And it's so boring , Really !

Kisses xoxo

Sabrina / Sab_pink

New Hairstyles

New hairstyles arrived today in the beauty parlor. Of course for SS ! Do you like them ??

Spoilers Willow's Accessories

Here are some eccessories from Willow's Clip "Whip My Hair" ! Do you like them ??

Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Pretty in Pink Bow Belt

First go to :

Or you can use manual proxy : port 8080

Copy this on the Proxy’s Box :

Login to your account
Delete the previous URL , then Paste this :

-Close the proxy’s and the Belt will be in your suite-

Xoxo Misskumis 

12 days of dresses !

Hey readers ! This is the 6th dress of the "12 Days of Dresses"
What do you think about her ? I think she is really pretty !
Enjoy ...

Kisses xoxo
Sabrina / Sab_pink ♥

New Floor for Sunny Bunny

Do you love them ??

Thursday, December 16, 2010

OMG !! Saw the Real Callie.Stardoll for the first time !!

Callie visited the back-stage of the famous issue "The X-Factor" !! She had the possibility to participate in the official finale X-Factor because she was offcially a member and a creator of Stardoll. She sat patiently in a crowed room full of TV crews and reporters ! She thought about all the questions that she could ask. It was a great moment for her.

Here some photos :
Try to guess who is Callie !

What do you think of that ?? Did you ever imagine that you'll see one day the real Callie ??

Sale in the suite shop

Do you like them ?

Hot Buys Coat

A new Hot Buys had just arrived in the starplaza and this is the Hot Buys Coat !! It's now seen in Pretty And Pink ! Do you like it ?? It costs 20 SD and it's inspired by Jean-Paul Gaulthier !! I prefered it in the presentation of December !

(PS : Sorry for not posting these days because i had exams so i had to study --')