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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hi again !

Heyy ! How are you ?? Fine ?? So it's great ! This is my second blog about Stardoll and I hope you all like it !! But it's still under construction ! This blog will be about "News, Spoilers , Free Things , ...etc. And sometimes, I'll do contests to looking for new writers or just earning stardollars, gifts !! Well, if you're interested , you can....:
visit it
       follow it
              comment it
This is totally "FREE" to add me (AlphaRhea) or the others on Stardoll ^^  Our username are "AlphaRhea, Sali46, Celthan and Faure" !

Kisssssssss ~^.^~
Xoxo....JLS (Just_Like_Stardoll)

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